TAMKO Building Products Helps Ease NALA Budget Shortage

Millions of adults in the United States are barely able to read, while millions more are completely illiterate. Illiteracy is a major issue in the U.S., and one that’s not talked about enough. Illiteracy causes many problems for individuals and their families. Reading and writing is essential to obtaining, understanding and conveying information, and those who are illiterate experience lower incomes and lower-quality jobs.

That’s where Joplin NALA — Neighborhood Adult Literacy Action — comes in. The nonprofit group works with the local community to close the literacy gap and provide Joplin families with invaluable programs and services to enhance their quality of life. NALA recruits and tutors families who need assistance with reading, writing, math and/or English as a second language and provides programs to increase the family’s awareness of the value of reading. Additionally, the group coordinates with community resources and trains volunteers to help serve their mission.

Unfortunately, the organization recently suffered budget cuts. It lost $12,000 worth of funding from another local organization. To help alleviate the budget shortage, Joplin NALA Executive Director Marj Boudreaux reached out to TAMKO Building Products, Inc., a national residential and commercial roofing manufacturer based in Joplin. To help ease the budget shortfall, TAMKO provided NALA with a $5,000 donation in the form of a check.

“We need this to keep ourselves alive, to keep the lights on, to keep books on our shelves, to keep all the services that we provide to our students,” said Boudreaux in an interview at the time of the donation.

TAMKO prides itself on providing top-quality building products and excellent service. The company also actively supports the communities where it has facilities, and was pleased to be able to support such a worthwhile cause like NALA.

For more information about NALA or to donate, click here.

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