JOPLIN, Mo. – October 22, 2014 – TAMKO recently acquired a wholly-owned subsidiary that will provide access to a newly constructed asphalt processing plant in Inwood, W.Va. The plant will supply asphalt coating and saturant for TAMKO’s Frederick, Md. shingle manufacturing plant.

The plant is about 50 miles from the Frederick roofing plant and has the ability to produce approximately 220,000 tons of asphalt a year. It is also able to store about a month’s worth of the Frederick plant’s asphalt needs at a time.

“This acquisition fits perfectly into our existing vision for vertical integration in which TAMKO or its subsidiaries produce as many of our raw materials as possible for our manufacturing plants,” said TAMKO Executive Vice President Tim Whelan.

Bob McNally, general manager of TAMKO’s Frederick plant, has been named managing director of the subsidiary that owns the new plant. He will also continue to oversee the Frederick plant’s operations. In addition, Brett Wolfington, former TAMKO Six Sigma Black Belt, will serve as the new subsidiary’s operations manager for the Inwood plant and will oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility.

The new plant is highly automated and Whelan believes this technology and the improved processes will prove useful across TAMKO’s other locations in the future.

“This acquisition clearly reflects TAMKO’s continued commitment to a safe, reliable operation and our ongoing efforts to continue to improve all of our processes,” Whelan said.

The Inwood plant has the ability to handle materials with varying levels of volatiles and can blend finished products with different softening points. Eventually, TAMKO’s new subsidiary may produce laminate at the Inwood site and produce and sell asphalt to external customers.
The Inwood plant opened December 1.


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